BATS – Cruel Sea Scientist (Armed Ambitions 2007)







Nick: Is this a skit?

how do you mean?

is it a joke or are these people serious?

they’re serious, why?

well it sounds like, this is metal right?

kinda, not completely.

well it sounds like mama’s boys playing metal, for fun.

well one of them wears glasses.

well, see thats what i’m talking about, nice boys pretending to be metal.

(a little later)

I can’t see why anyone would want to play metal in this day and age, it’s all been done before and better.

The rather awesome BATS released their debut e.p ‘Cruel Sea Scientist’ late last year on Armed Ambitions Records. Next month sees them playing a couple gigs with the equally rather awesome Lovvers, (3rd Oct Boom Boom Room, Dublin, 4th Oct The Bunker, Belfast). Go see if they can destroy you.


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