Anni Rossi – Scandia (Folktale 2007)








(about three songs in)

Nick: did you say this girl plays the viola?


when? I haven’t heard any since the start.

well, she’s been playing it, listen.

oh she strums it?

strums, plucks, bow’s…

ah… ok.

(track 5 – Glaciers)

(laughing) did she say ‘i like freezer units’?

yep, freezer boxes and freezer units, she likes ’em.

heh, fair enough.

(record ends)

so, any final thoughts on anni rossi?

well, it’s hard to have any thoughts about it really isn’t it? some bits were interesting but most were not, it’s quite boring music. there were some interesting rhythmic parts that sounded like a biro hitting a cardboard box.

it’s fine if you want to do it but it sounds to me like no effort was made,  they just didn’t try hard enough. It’s like they said ‘lets make music thats a little bit experimental, squeek a bit, use lyrics no one can understand, just make a bit of quiet chaos music.’ I pity them if they went through any trouble and thats the result. Did you like it?

well, yeah but I normally prefer when music sound a bit off the cuff or unrehearsed.

thats all well and good if the results are good, like Keith Jarrett is entirely off the cuff and unrehearsed and his stuff is outstanding. Another thing about this is, it’s not functional music, dance music is the only functional music these days.

what other functional musics was there back in the day?

work songs, for working in the field and so on, no one makes work music anymore. 

Anni Rossi plays with Canada’s Creeping Nobodies in the Boom Boom Room, Dublin on Saturday Oct 11th, and also has dates in Belfast, Galway and Cork but I’m having trouble finding concrete information about them. In 2009 she’ll be releasing an album on the legendary 4AD records.


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