Crumb – Evenings and Weekends (Disques Fridge, 2005)








Nick: when is this from?


It sounds earlier than that, it reminds me of Jackson Browne, Running On Empty. I like it but its a bit bland, thats probably why it reminds me of Jackson Browne.

(track 2 – Fecky The Ninth)

Ok they don’t sound like Jackson Browne anymore.

(track 6 – For The Leaving Of..)

You know what I always find with this music? There’s no highs or lows, its got everything, melody, rhythm, lyrics but its just the same throughout, I’m sure if you were at a gig of these people, and you went for a drink during song 3 and came back during song 6 or 7, you’d think they hadn’t moved on, you’d think ‘ah that’s a long song!’

ding-a-ding-ding-ging, it just carries on regardless, its not boring, just samey.

I read him some of the reviews from the bands myspace

yeah i agree with all that, except for exciting. to sum it up: I like it but it doesn’t excite me.

With all the access makers and consumers of modern music have to new, strange and unheard sounds, it’s quite rare to find a band who mine such familiar and specific ground and still come up with such glittering diamonds of sound. Crumb were one of the best indiepop bands this country ever produced and will be sorely sorely missed.


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