Cass McCombs – A (Monitor 2003) & Dropping The Writ (Domino 2007)








Nick: oh I know this, I like this.

thought you didn’t like repetitive music?

well, this is good repetition, like Phillip Glass is good repetition. it’s very negative music though.

negative how?

if this was in any other language, and you couldn’t understand the words, you’d still know what he’s singing about.

what is he singing about?

well its certainly not ‘I’m so happy, the lambs are danicing in the meadow’ more ‘half the world has cancer, we’re all going to die’.

(track 8 – When The Bible Was Wrote)

its really nice.

nice but negative?

well, most music is negative these days and rightly so.

this is from 2003, we’ll be doing his most recent album after this.

(track 10 – Bedding Down Post-Xmas Time)

that slows down to coma pace, it’s actually difficult to listen to it’s so slow.








much eh..more up-tempo, I don’t know if it’s more… is there some electronics? in a way it’s a bit looser.

you think? I woulda said the opposite.

this one deviates in rhythm, whereas the first one was very strict in timing. also this is a bit lighter, which you wouldn’t expect, you’d expect it to be darker. I may have to listen to them again but I think I prefer the first one, despite it being darker. if you told me this was a completely different person I’d believe it. 

(track 7 – Crick In My Neck)

(kinda excited) it sounds like he said crick in my neck!

he did.


(track 9 – Windfall)

I’ve heard this one before, this is great, very memorable piece of music. this is much more sophisticated then the other one.

again, very nice I think.

These are the first and third albums by Cass McCombs, one of the world’s most undervalued songwriters, his second, 2005’s PREfection ain’t no slouch either. McCombs will play a (very) long awaited gig in Whelans on Nov 15th. I’ll be up the front acting like a young girl at a Take That concert. 


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