Moutpiece – Moutpiece LP (F.L.U.T.E 2008)








Nick: one thing I’ve always wondered about is how heavy music like this can become wallpaper, you get a lift every time a song starts, but then it’s just the same thing over and over. Live in a small place with lots of flashing lights it might be enough to keep people bopping.

(track 5 – Gary // guitar solo explodes from the speakers)

ah something different!

actually the more I listen to it the less wallpapery it gets.

why do you think that is? thats the opposite of what normally happens.

I guess I’m listening less to the totality and more to the playing, they’re good players. but its not the sort of album you should listen to, you should see them live I reckon, not that I would. another good thing is I normally can’t understand the lyrics in heavy music but I can here, thats a plus point.

ok we’re on to the last track here.

well, strangely I don’t detest them, thats not to say I like them either. I wouldnt go to one of their gigs but I wouldn’t tell anyone to turn it down.

it’s the same old story with music these days there’s no ‘WOW’ factor, like when I heard radiohead or arcade fire for the first time, I know we’ve had this argument before, music doesnt have to be wholly original, but it does have to have some imagination. I’ve heard this all before. if you play this for me again in a week and asked me who it was I wouldn’t be able to tell you. it’s hookless.

I wish it was possible to turn Nicks impression of the bands sound into words, it went something like: werhwuuhwerhwuuhwerhuuwhuehow, and he did a little hand jive to go along with it.

Easily one of the best Irish releases this year, ‘Moutpiece LP’ is 24.6 minutes of loud, fast, uplifting and unbridled rock n’ roll mayhem. if you’re a dope like me you missed the all day launch party in the International last week so go see them support The Hanson Brothers in Andrews Lane on October 8th. more importantly, go pick up the album from one of the two or three decent record shops in Dublin.


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