Joe Meek – I Hear A New World (Triumph 1960 / RPM 1991)








Nick: Meek? as in ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’?


(track 5 – March Of The Dribcots)

do you wanna know what I think?


amateurish, silly gimmicky ditties. it’s a bit fun but really meaningless crap. what it needs is an Austrian oompa orchestra with their tubas.

when do you think this was recorded?

I don’t care when it was, it shouldn’t have been recorded.

(he’s singing along in a fairly mocking way now)

I’m amazed that anyone went through the trouble of even publishing the stuff.

ooh, rumbling sound effects WOW! (I thinks he’s being a teeny-tiny bit sarcastic)


so that’s was ‘I Hear A New World’

yeah well i heard a bunch of old worlds mixed up together but, what do I know?

The story of Joe Meek is too long and weird for me to wrap up nicely in a paragraph, so:


The Joe Meek Society

Telstar – The Movie at IMDB.


One response to “Joe Meek – I Hear A New World (Triumph 1960 / RPM 1991)

  1. Ah Nick,C’mon man,open your mind to the power of Meek!The mans a total ledgebag.Did you know he was the producer behind Telstar and the man behind Screaming Lord Sutchs’ insane musical outpourings.Get it together man!
    Great Blog lads.I’m hooked!Gazzer

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