Gang Gang Dance – Saint Dymphna (The Social Registry 2008)








Nick: so far… interesting… but…. I’m not quite sure if it’s either, this may sound very strange, maybe I’m trying to clarify in my own mind, it is either too simple or too complex, I can’t make my mind up. probably too much of the shooting gallery effect, reminiscent of a funpark. bing! boing! you know?

this is eh…. eclecticism gone wild isn’t it? I haven’t heard any Spanish folk yet but pretty much everything else. it’s put together in an interesting way, even if I find it impossible to keep paying attention to it.

you seem to say that about a lot of music these days, could the problem be you?

oh yeah it could be but why do I not have this problem with Simon & Garfunkel or Ludwig Von Beethoven?

do you remember the Hungarian guy we used to know?


he was a computer genius, whenever you or your brother or any kids were playing computer games he’d say ‘soon they will find out there are only 3 games.’ and I think a lot of today’s music is like that, it’s all the same patterns, no themes developing. that tin washing machine sound just now? (track 7 – Afoot) it’s new to this song but it’s not new within the context of this music, they could take a million sounds but it would never go anywhere. If you had all their equipment, could you make this music? I think you could, I certainly could.

I’m not too sure.

after listening to a Beethoven symphony could I write one? not a fucking chance. could I write a song as good as Simon & Garfunkel? not a chance in hell. but this, this is a method, and I can copy the method.

yet, little bits come up every now and then that reawaken my interest.

Some of the best music being made these days is coming from bands who were once part of their scene’s punk/noise/improv crowd and who one day decided to reach for pop gold, Gang Gang Dance are a prime example of this. ‘Saint Dymphna’ takes in pretty much every sound under the sun and spews it all back out in a rainbow of cambodian pop keyboards, reggaeton beats, hi-life guitar and everything in between. Essential.


2 responses to “Gang Gang Dance – Saint Dymphna (The Social Registry 2008)

  1. That Hungarian fella definitely sounds like an intriguing character.I wonder what he’d make of Nicks rebirth as one of the great music critics of our time.Keep up the great work lads!Gazzer

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