Adrian Orange and Her Band – S/T (K 2007)








Nick: Get another singer! if they had another singer they could be brilliant, the music is great, they just need someone who can sing.

(track 3 – Fire Dream)

another thing is maybe lower the key of the songs, he’s alright when he songs low but he has a very small register, as soon as he goes high he goes out.

also, his voice is just WRONG for the music.

well, he’s a skinny white guy, barely out of his teens. not the first person you’d imagine to be fronting a Reggae / Afrobeat-type band.

and rightly so.

the music is really really good tho, just gotta lose that voice.

well, as far as I now he writes the songs, leads the band etc…

so they can’t get rim of him, Ha! every time he starts singing I start to cringe, they should be brave, get a selection of singers, two males two females two undetermineds, whatever.

(track 6 – Give To Love What’s Love’s {intro section})

I could listen to this forever, this is great, he’ll start singing soon though. I always wonder about people like this does he know how bad is voice is or is he blissfully unaware?

I’d imagine he knows his limitations and just doesn’t care, and rightly so.

I wouldn’t be so sure, think about ‘self-image’, no one on earth looks to people on the outside the same as they look in their heads, yeah?

(track 7 – A Flower’s Is Mine {skronky screeechy sax solo})

see, that saxophone part is not well played nor professional but it sounds right in the music, that’s where his voice goes wrong. you have to be good at being bad.

Adrian Orange is 22 years old, has released over 10 records under the name Thanksgiving, had a hand in founding the awesome Marriage Records and this is his latest endevour, one which he hopes will become ”some leaderless, formless, psychedelic, general liberation project.” So maybe Nick will get his wish.


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