Jay Reatard – All 6 Matador Singles ’08 (Matador 2008)

Nick: Its nice to hear music that sounds like the people making it are enjoying themselves, I can’t make out the lyrics but I assume they’re quite positive.

actually they’re mostly about death, killing and child abuse so far.

oh, well at least the music sounds positive.

(Always Wanting More)

oh I know this one, you play this a lot. most people sound so bored these days, not these guys, this is good stuff. 

so this is Deerhunter covering Jay Reatard…

it has all the good stuff, energy, melody, vitality, hooks. I like it.

and here’s our last one.

this is my least favorite actually, all the energy is gone. 

so stick to the fast stuff?

yeah he’s starting to sound like all the other bands: bored. ‘oh do I have to do this?’ kinda stuff.

if he sticks to the fast stuff I’d say he’s here to stay.

With over 60 releases since 1998, in bands like The Reatards, The Lost Sounds, The Final Solutions, Angry Angles and solo, Jay (Lyndsey) Reatard is one busy 28 year old. Makes you sick doesn’t it? This year alone we’ve had 7 singles and 2 compilations with the quality never dropping below FUCKINGAMAZING!!! He’ll be bringing his ultra-violent pop to Whelans on the 16th of November and I for one, can’t wait.




One response to “Jay Reatard – All 6 Matador Singles ’08 (Matador 2008)

  1. Jazes,I’m not impressed with Nick on this one.I’ve basically written of Jay Reatard as uninteresting(unlike a lot of my friends who think he’s the cheese).i may have to re examine some of his tunes.Great Blog lads.Gazzer

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