Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs (Merge 1999)








(disc 1 track 1 – Absolutely Cuckoo)

Nick: I liked that.

but these are just ditties aren’t they? well the two I’ve heard so far.

(disc 1 track 4 – A Chicken With It’s Head Cut Off) – Nick is making funny faces.

easy silly sentimental rhymes set to easy simple melodies, I’ve nothing against it but it’s just…..ditties. I doubt it’ll be recorded in the annals of music history.

well it’s 10 years old next year.

and is anyone still listening to it?

we are.


(disc 1 track 9 – Lets Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits)

sounds very west-coasty this one.

you imagine its almost a reaction to something, not sure what. it’s like ‘the world is a hard place these days so were only going to write nice sentimental ditties about love’ lots of butterflies and squirrels dancing in the park etc. but as well as that they’re only doing it for fun, they’re not taking it seriously. 

it falls in between two stools, like its not funny enough for you to find it automatically funny. you’d have to be told.

(disc 1 track 21 – Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing)

Daniel O’Donnell eat your heart out!

(disc 2 track 2 – Love Is Like Jazz)

Is this the same guys?


god, what are they on?

we’re about half way through it now.

well the longer I listen to it the more it pisses me off, it’s quite phony. but I guess that happens if you purposely set out to sound like someone else, it can’t sound genuine.

its like a movie with a great cast but a crap script and crap director, and you can’t help but ask: why was all this talent wasted on something so lightweight?

(disc 3 track 1 – Underwear)

This isn’t the same guys still is it?

uh-huh it’s three hours long, we’ve just got an hour left.

it honestly phases me how anyone could spend this much time and energy on something so….irrelevant. if you listen to one or two tracks it can be quite relaxing but any more than that it just gets on your nerves. then again if you only hear one or two tracks the project doesn’t make any sense.

(after watching a Stephen Merritt interview on you tube)

that’s not a real person.

Phew! think thats the first time I’ve ever sat through the full 3 hours of that. Yes it is sappy, soppy and silly at times but it’s also got more great songs within its three discs then most bands manage in a lifetime. Since it’s release Stephen Merritt and his band of men and women have put out ‘I’: all song titles start with the eponymous letter and ‘Distortion’ which is very eh……. well I’m sure you get it by now. Ok, time for some Fucked Up.


2 responses to “Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs (Merge 1999)

  1. This isn’t the same guys still is it?

    uh-huh it’s three hours long, we’ve just got an hour left.

    Ha ha, you must hate your dad.

  2. This one made me happy, because I feel exactly the same as your dad about 69 Love Songs, and Merritt’s work in general.

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