Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid – NYC (Domino 2008)








Nick: The drumming is great but the electronic bits are………. well… electronic bits. like all that stuff it just becomes boring very quicky, anyone with any kind of musical background could make those noises, you can hear the potential of the machine but not the person using it.

I think I’d prefer if they just took the electronics away altogether, I could listen to just the drumming, you can hear that there’s a human there.

I’m sure this is me being old fashioned but I can’t help thinking how much better this would be if it had real musicians with real instruments instead of all this electronic trickery.

so why isn’t Kieran Hebdon a real musician?

well I’m not saying he’s untalented it’s just…. well I don’t think pressing a button on a machine is anything like blowing into an instrument or plucking a string, the drums are expressing something here, not the electronics. it’s like doing a painting on a computer, the mechanics get in the way.

there ARE nice bits, don’t get me wrong, some of it is quite interesting, but it just gets stuck in endless repetition of melodic ping pong noises, and I think they only do it because it’s easy, like they say ‘if we just repeat this little bit here and you play drums over it we could have a 5 minute track in no time’.

ultimately this is quite unsatisfactory.

The 4th collaboration between the whizz-kid behind Fourtet and the legendary drummer who’s played with everyone from Miles Davis to Chaka Khan, a homage to Reid’s hometown, is the clearest and most exciting example of their vision yet. NYC will be released on 3rd of November.  



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