caUSE co-MOTION! – It’s Time! {singles & eps 2005-08} (Slumberland 2008)








Nick: I find it very hard to make up my mind about this, there’s nothing wrong with it but nothing grabs me. comes across as a bit amateurish, I’d expect to hear this kind of stuff at a secondary school talent contest, they obviously can play but…it may just be the recording, like the balances are all off, I couldn’t hear the vocals on that last one. 

they’re not untalented, but they sound like they’re talented 16 year olds.

is their audience very young? it strikes me as the kind of music 17 or 18 year olds would feel too mature for. come to think of it, it actually sounds like it was recorded in a school hall.

I reckon the people who listen to this kinda stuff are pop kids who think the Sugababes are too grown up.

Fumbling towards you like a great big mess of Postcard / K / Sarah type indie pop, It’s Time!’s 14 songs fly by in a 21 minute haze of maximum joy making it the perfect album to do anything that could possibly last 21 minutes to. Or something.



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