Deerhoof – Offend Maggie (Kill Rock Stars 2008)








(track 3 – Buck and Judy)

Nick: What language is she singing?

I’m not entirely sure, normally it’s english or gobbledygook, she’s japanese…

well yes I was about to say it sounds like japanese, I like it a lot, melodic, interesting, distinctive sound.

now you’ve heard these guys a lot over the last few years so you should be a super-fan by this stage.

well…. no but I do recognize them, they’ve always reminded me of the icelandic lady….bjork.

this has enough imagination and touches and variations to keep me interested, you could get tired of the voice very quickly but the music keeps you coming back.

I don’t like all of it, like some of it, when it gets a little too experimental, it sort of… you know what I mean… the emmmm…… well they’re experiments and nothing but, no satisfactory results.

but everything else is great.

Now on their 8th or 9th album, maybe even 10th, who cares?, and still delivering the really good goods.
I shouldn’t have to tell you who Deerhoof are or why you should own this album. If yr still not convinced you can listen to all of Offend Maggie on their myspace so……… GO!


2 responses to “Deerhoof – Offend Maggie (Kill Rock Stars 2008)

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  2. Hi,concerning albums released in 2008,
    and Deerhoof “offend maggie”
    This album is one of those I have the most listened to in 2008 with Anoraak “nightdrive with you”,Nada Surf “lucky”,Larkin Grimm “parplar”, Sea & Cake “car alarm”,Shaky Hands “lunglight”,Rokia Traoré “Tchamantché”,Essie Jain “the inbetween”,Kemialliset Ystavat “split”,Suarasama “fajar…”Tobacco “fucked up friends” VA: DC recordings Presents Death Before distemper…In deerhoof ,I like the way,after 10 albums,they don’t do any concessions to
    musical business and all sorts of “hype” fashions (listen to “fresh born” introduction,we tell ourselves at once that with this track ,deerhoof will have purhaps a more mainstream success (as
    REM in the eighties with such tracks as “fall on me” and “the one I love”) but the sweet melody
    of this 25 seconds introduction will never come again as if deerhoof told us:<>

    They play music in their own way.Their goal is
    to compose always more complex,energic,dreamy,souled and strong songs not to be boring with playing these on stage.But they manage to keep in a popular way
    as during the bests hours of rock’n’roll music.
    And they are so intense on stage (as intense-but
    with their own style of course,I mean they are
    water drinkers such tibetan monks-as Jesus Lizard that I saw at Maxwell’s ,Hoboken in 1991).
    The new guitarist Ed Rodriguez is a killer and adds a more classical blues,rock’n’roll Angus Young/Duane Denison style entlangled with the
    other guitar played by John Dieterich.
    Deerhoof ,after a few members changes since their debut have found the ideal and well-balanced configuration where everyone of the
    four Deerhoof members express themselves
    with all their possible capacity and dexterity ,to take high and rare pleasure together, and propose to audience a real moment of joy,liberty,electrecity,poly-rythms (Ahh,Greg
    Saunier,what a drummer!!!!),humor,reverie(the singer/bassist Satomi, so absorbed by his so personel way of singing and own imaginary)
    energy…qualifiers are missing!!!
    Deerhoof play rock music as a few rock bands used to do it in the past with a sens of invention,
    essentiality,tradition (they play classic instruments,no boring electronics) and modernism too.They believe (contrary to
    lots of “musicians” or bands most preocupied by technology and new gadgets) the best thing to
    give emotions to human being is still to create without losing sight what can provides complex compositions of mind/heart/body songs played
    with a minimum of concrete TOOLS.(a minimum
    of means with a maximum of inspiration and emotion,is it correct ?,I’m french ,litteral traduction,so…).
    This quartet reminds me ,certainly in another style,legendary jazz quartets as Coltrane,Monk,
    Steve Lacy quartets (saxophone would be Satomi’s voice, she sings in a soprano saxophone style,isn’t it ?).
    After Deerhoof’s gig in Lyon in December (Many
    thanks to Grrrndzero association which organises so many great concerts),I talked a little
    bit with Greg Saunier:what an opend mind guy,
    interested by many kinds of musics (but the good mindblowing ones);I ask him if he has already listened to french composer Olivier Messian ,he tells me of course and quotes the Turangulia Symphony and here we go ,we mime together with arms and mouth the famous cymbals climb passage of this symphony !!
    I think (Greg quoting Ron Wood) he must have
    much listened to famous mythical sixties drummers as Kenney Jones (Small Faces) or
    Keith Moon (The Who) for their way to always
    relaunch the rythmn,and the art to know perfectly break or destructure it too as jazz drummers do it (Greg do it naturally with only
    three elements,snare drum,bass drum and charleston !! with a jazz feeling,I mean,the drums beat is not just boom boom boom;no, Greg is one of those too rare drummers who have an extreme pleasure to work on gaps,shifts,offbeats,in-between the beats,
    became a master in the art of the “transitions rhythms” all of that played with a bewildering sens of detail and a high degree of sensuality and creativity revealing his deepest personality.
    I’m very fond of Minutemen’s drummer George Hurley too;logical!!

    Sorry Nick to have been so long. I hope life
    in hospital is allright.
    As you,I’m not interested in all these current drone,ambient,metal musics (apart few exeptions) which invade underground musical world but I listened a lot to Anoraak’s album
    “A nightdrive with you”.Anoraak is a french “dj”
    from Valerie Collectiv from Nantes and I must say his music captivated my mind;nothing revolutionnary by the way but an expanded sens of delicacy,space,sound textures and structures ;
    a very pleasant music to dance with a very melancholic side in the background at the same time.I recommend it all the more so french musicians wanting play alternate music in a more anglo-saxon style are often disappointing.
    Anoraak ,the next Serge Gainsbourg,I hope it.

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