nick thinks… Top 25 of 2008: 24 // Silver Jews – Lookout Mountain Lookout Sea (Drag City 2008)









Nick: voice like Johnny Cash, same timbre but in a different mode, music is countryish as well.

yeah quite it. not wild about it but likeable, sort of.

Helen: it’s music straight out of a cowboy movie

Nick: yes, well that’s why I said Johnny Cash.

you know, musically it reminds me of Chris Rea. 

extremely good production as far as I can tell, great voice, this is very listenable stuff that could’ve been made at any time in the last 30 years or so. 

actually if I had to place this I’d say early 80’s

Johnny Rea from the early 80’s, actually scratch that Chris Cash sounds better.

I’m surprised you like this. 

this sounds horrible, ahahahahaha sorry but, ahhahahahha you can see little biddies in the old folks home dancing arm in arm to this, singing along, ahahahahahahaha. 

(5 mins of laughter later)

If I owned this I would occasionally play it. and enjoy it. and bring it to old folks party’s ahahahaha

amazing (think he’s talking about a stapler he’s trying to fix)

that last one was sentimental crap though wasn’t it?

Ok so this may not be their best effort to date but ‘not bad’ for the Joo’s is still way better than most bands will ever achieve. Funnily enough I can see what Nick’s getting at with the Chris Rea comparison. Also their gig in Whelans earlier this year was one of the happiest 2 hours of my life.


One response to “nick thinks… Top 25 of 2008: 24 // Silver Jews – Lookout Mountain Lookout Sea (Drag City 2008)

  1. totally true the production on that album killed any spirit it might have had, nick is bang on the money once again

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