nick thinks… Top 25 of 2008: 23 // Woods Family Creeps – S/T (Time Lag 2008) & Meneguar – The In Hour (Woodsist 2008)









Nick: It’s…… quite listenable to, but it sounds to me, especially in the first few numbers, that they desperately want to be ‘original’.

like they would do anything possible not to play normal songs, I’d say they wrote the songs and then said ‘this sounds far to much like someone else, we have to do something to make it sound weird’.


they’re obviously musicians, I just think they didn’t have enough ideas to fill an album, they just filled it with what they thought were original noises and weird sounds.

it has nothing to do with where music should come from, this is music from the brain, too thought out. and for all the wrong reasons.

it reminds me of the time when abstract art became popular, did I ever tell you the story of the attic in the city hall in Rotterdam?

nope, maybe.

well, once upon a time the dutch government had a deal where if you were an artist and you weren’t selling any work you could apply for something like social welfare, you just had to send them some of your work, so lots of people just ‘became’ abstract artists around that time. I once got an opportunity to go up into the attic at city hall and I saw some of the submitted pieces, and it was all stuff like; an orange crate that somebody went at with a hammer and then poured paint over, and all sorts of things like that, no one could judge whether it was art or not, so all these people got free money just for smashing up a crate and calling it art.

that’s what this album reminds me of. 









well I haven’t heard the whole thing yet but it seems a lot less gimmicky so far.

still find it… I don’t know, I can’t get the hang of it if you know what I mean.

I dont’ know if they meant that or if they mean it but it actually sounds unpleasant, not like horrific or frightening, but it’s very unsympathetic.

do you just mean the recording techniques?

no, everything about it is unpleasant, the melodies, the whole sound of it.

it’s walking through a graveyard on a dark day music.

if this record was a person, I wouldn’t want to meet them.

Two bands, same(ish) members, one house and so on. Woods (or Woods Family Creeps here) skirt around ‘freak folk’ (ugh) and Meneguar skirt around ‘indie rock’ (gugh) both meeting noisy noodling somewhere toward the edges and stopping at pure pop on the way. This is a good thing.


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