nick thinks… Top 25 of 2008: 20 // Sic Alps – U.S EZ (Siltbreeze 2008)


Nick: strikes me as a bit erratic, all over the place, like they haven’t made up their minds what they want to do, or like they’re making up their minds as they go, ‘lets be like this…no lets be like this….no lets go back to what we were doing a few minutes ago’.

and as a result; I have absolutley no idea what they’re at.

some bits are quite listenable, but melodically it’s extremely simplistic.

(Nick starts singing in an off key monotone)

see here we go again, something different.

well it’s all rooted in 60’s pop, just a bit noisier.

yeah, well yeah.

you see it’s over intellectualized again, they’ve chosen to make it sound that way, that bad quality noise style.


yes lo-fi, they said lets make this lo-fi, make it sound ‘real’ and like it has ‘soul’ but it has the opposite effect, it seems manufactured.

the doors are an influence, and someone else… can’t think of their name right now.

I hate the doors.

I know, but these guys occasionally sound like them, not all the time but…

(track 10 – N##JJ)

now for some more irrelevant noise.

no, again, you obviously like this, and maybe it is likeable in very small doses, but I think they’re afraid of people liking them so they turn to noise around the time every song starts to get good.

Filtering the bad-drug paranoia pop of the 60’s (Skip Spence, Love etc) through todays growing penchant for home recorded lo-fi noise, this San Fran (where else?) duo are a leading (bleeding?) darklight in a scene which probably doesn’t exist, I don’t know.


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