nick thinks… Top 25 of 2008: 19 // No Kids – Come Into My House (Tomlab 2008)


(track 1 – Great Escape)

Nick: I like it so far, it’s melodic, a bit sleepy, have I heard this before?

think so.

well I certainly like it musically, voice is a bit soporific, if you know what I mean, sounds a bit like he either just woke up or is about to fall asleep.

(track 2 – For Halloween)

ok yeah, this is a bit different, they’ve woken up.

nice, yeah. though they can sound a bit like one of those sunday afternoon restaurant orchestras, like whats their name? the Palm Court Orchestra, 1930’s sunday afternoon eating music.

it’s quite light and fluffy isn’t it?

Manhattan Transfer!! thats who I was thinking of, they were quite big in…. well I can’t remember when but they were big once and this has the same feel.

beautifully arranged. I’d say they’re very good musicians.

the longer you listen to it the lighter and fluffier it gets, I find anyway.

but it’s constantly clever as well, so you don’t get bored.

but i guess in the end it falls between a few stools, too complex to be of use to a restaurant, too insubstantial to listen to at a gig, and far too wimpy for me to like it.

Manhattan Transfer? Way to wreck a good album for me Nick. No Kids have mashed the chamber-pop of their old incarnation P:ano into a tiny little delicate porcelain bowl of posh soup and lightly sprinkled it with smoove Rn’B, barbershop and samba influences and, well…I’m going to go have some lunch now.


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