nick thinks… Top 25 of 2008: 17 // Titus Andronicus – The Airing of Grievances (Troubleman Unlimited 2008)


Nick: is this the idea or is it just badly recorded?

bit of both.

ok well straight away I have a problem, I’ve never liked talking in music, maybe if its sing-song poetry talking it can work sometimes, but this doesn’t fit with the music at all.

there only one bit of talking so far.

yeah and that’s enough.

more to come though.


well apart from the talking I quite like it, now there’s nothing new about it, it’s of a tradition, like its very derivative, sound wise but it’s energetic, powerful and it does get into you.

but yeah everyone has heard this before, not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with that.

even his voice reminds me of someone, you used to play something a lot, a long time ago and the guy had the same voice, is it the same guy?

I think you might be thinking of Bright Eyes maybe?


when was it recorded?

well we are counting down the top 25 albums of a certain year.

oh yes, ha! ok well, it certainly doesn’t sound contemporary.

(track 6 – Titus Andronicus)

oh I know this one, heard this before, this is a good one.

I would say seeing these guys live could be very exciting,

(track 7 – No Future part 1)

so they can slow down as well, but not very well, it’s not as convincing as the fast stuff.

(track 8 – No Future Part 2)

that sounds very….forced, the talking, sounds cartoony, optimus prime, kid’s movies and all that.

despite all the criticism I had about it, I quite like it, I mean there’s… like it’s got a lot of enthusiasm which is always worth something I reckon.

the unfortunate thing is there’s lots of music made these days that sounds like the people making it don’t actually want to be there, I know that’s probably not the case and it’s all a pose but it… because your inclined to say ‘mate if your so bored and upset by making this music, why not go somewhere else, do something else?’

but here there’s a bit of…

A woefully emotionally fragile 16 year old Conor Oberst fronting The E Street Band on an Andrew WK covers album, but not shit, seriously. This is Punch-The-Air-I-Hate-This-Small-Town-Fuck-Everything-Lets-Party-Till-We-Die music. Which is my 3rd favorite kind of music.


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