nick thinks… Top 25 of 2008: 15 // King Darves – The Sun Splits For… The Blind Swimmer (De Stijl 2008)


(track 1 – Oh I’ve Come a Ragin’ Sun)

Nick: I absolutely detest this.

it’s just awful, it sounds as if whoever this person is, it just sounds completely phony, like he’s acting a part, like if I want to be an old fashioned country singer I might sing like this guy for a joke,

(does impression)

it’s fake and phony to me.

now he may be for real but I wouldn’t believe it. it’s like he’s doing his party piece ‘The Old Country Singer’

what if he was an old country singer?

there’s a big difference between being something and trying to be something, and I can hear from his voice that he’s pretending.

it reminds me; there was an old rich lady who was a terrible singer but she thought she was good enough to be an opera singer, so she used some of her money to record an album with the New York Philharmonic. but it didn’t make her an opera singer.

he makes me laugh, when he’s trying to be dramatic he just comes off as drunk.

(track 4 – This Ivory)

he probably has tears in his eyes singing this part ahahahahaha.


ok when you hear the instruments on their own you think ‘this could be nice’ and then it isn’t.

(more laughter)

occasionally it just gets beyond…

if someone had given me that as a present, I would’ve shut it off before the end of the first song. I find it amazing that stuff like that can even get recorded. it only shows you…

last word: awful.

Sheesh. This is desolate but tuneful gothic folk fronted by a dead ringer for Calvin Johnson, whats not to like? Julian Cope likes it but don’t let that turn you off, and don’t listen to Nick either he’s mental.


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