nick thinks… Top 25 of 2008: 14 // High Places – 03/07-09/07 (Thrill Jockey 2008)


Nick: it’s quite nice, pleasant, bit twee as they used to call it

still do

and I’m afraid there’s the old problem of adding a lot of effects just to make it sound different, very rarely does it actually work, its done for no good reason really because so many bands do it these days that it doesn’t make them sound different at all just makes them sound the same.

but I wouldn’t turn it off.

it’s pretty rather than beautiful. it’s cutesy music, you imagine that’s its been put together by lots of little girls with frilly dresses and blonde curls, and they play it for their aunts and uncles. but I want to hear real music

we were talking about ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ music the other day and I was saying that most music these days is androgynous, but this this is definitely feminine. this is frilly knicker music, actually don’t say that, it’s too denigrating.

but still, there’s nothing wrong with pretty music.

[dickhead]I prefer the earlier stuff[/dickhead] but it’s true. Maybe not everyone will agree with me but I certainly prefer this singles collection to the official debut (also released this year). So yeah, twisty-turny underwater blips and blops under playschool melodies and posi-kinder lyrics. I made up that posi-kinder bit, its supposed to be some kind of amalgamation of positive and child-like, does it work? Lemme know.


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