nick thinks… Top 25 of 2008: 11 // The Dodos – Visiter (Frenchkiss 2008)


Nick: I know this one.

it’s been the washing up cd for the last few weeks.

it’s very pleasant to listen to, melodically it conjures up, for me anyway, 1920’s and 30’s feelings, these tunes are not modern in the slightest.

(track 10 – Jodi)

after a while, it becomes rhythmically oppressive, if that means anything. constant, relentless, the rhythm’s become to much, you want to tell the drummer to relax a bit. it’s fine in the beginning but after a while it’s just ‘oh for gods sake please just calm down for a while’.

as far as I’m concerned there’s no desperate need for it.

and it’s not just the drums and percussion, the guitar rhythm’s are very sharp and relentless as well.

they want to be heard alright.

who doesn’t?

yeah yeah, now, I like the stuff but there’s just too much of it

I think if… spread over the whole record… the number of beats was halved, it would be a much better record, there’s too many bits that are frantic when they don’t need to be frantic.

Don’t think I’m gonna bother writing a lil paragraph on how great these two San Franciscans are. Just go watch this gig or check out the myspace.


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