nick thinks… Top 25 of 2008: 09 // Various Artists – Love is Love (Mississippi 2008)


Nick: love it!

beautifully relaxed music you could listen to forever, one thing I always wonder is, well one song was in english most haven’t been, is would we like this as much as we do if we could understand the lyrics? like are they just silly fluff? would people who can understand them laugh at them? is it just exotica that’s leading us to like this? they could be singing that I’m stupid and don’t wash or something, I’d be none the wiser.

(track 6 – William Siwale & Friends – Castle Beer)

ok this bit I could live without, that’s why it’s hard to judge compilations, in one minute it can take a turn for the worst.

what always strikes me with african music is the melodics are very similar to europe, unlike asian and indian melodics. nothing here sounds unfamiliar. maybe it’s the other way round actually, maybe we sound like them.

Another difficult one to track down any info on, this is all I know:

° This is a compilation of ‘R&B, Highlife, & Dry Guitar Music‘ from Africa.

° It was released on Mississippi Records, run by the people who own the shop of the same name in Portland   Oregon.

° It’s beyond amazing.


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