nick thinks… Top 25 of 2008: 07 // Nobunny – Love Visions (Bubble Dump 2008)


Nick: who?

nobunny or no bunny, he wears a bunny mask.

but he isn’t one?

no he’s human.

god it’s very difficult to know how I feel about this, there’s parts that I like enormously and other bits which I just don’t know about.

there’s some very nice and interesting inventions in it, like that screaming sound back there, but on the other hand I don’t like this constricted voice which he sometimes uses. sounds like he’s being strangled.

I mean it’s…it’s musically quite inventive, not big ideas but enough small clever parts to keep you interested.

and the more it goes on the more I like it.

I’m looking for a word, but I cant find it, not unsophisticated, not primitive, but… dy’know what I mean.

I would’ve said primitive

no that’s not right, I think….innocent? it’s quite innocent, but there’s a better word for what I want, but I just cant think it, it’s terrible.


YES! there’s a certain naivety about it that I like. that’s what I was looking for, maybe.

one of the first word that came to mind, but I didn’t say it because it sounded silly, was childish.

well it is childish.

yes but I wanted to say innocent.

another great thing is the inventive bits sound quite spontaneous, so it’s not like he was thinking long and hard about it like so many othe people these days.

I’d happily listen to that again.

Seriously dumb, fun and eternally young scuzz pop from a fully grown man in a rabbit mask, this album is all things at once, well maybe not but it is some things, sometimes. or something.


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