nick thinks… Top 25 of 2008: 06 // Vivian Girls – S/T (Mauled By Tigers / In The Red 2008)


Nick: sounds to me as if this is an ordinary girl group combined with an ordinary rock band and then together they make something reasonably original but it’s no great shakes.

if you took the girls away it would just sound like any other rock band and if took the rock band away it would just sound like girls aloud or one of them.

it’s like putting Julie Andrews in a gangster movie, interesting and funny for about 5 minutes.

girls aloud have some great songs.

oh yeah I know, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, it’s just putting two average things together.

they lack any kind of music inventiveness, and everything sounds the same as usual.

not deeply impressed in any way. heard it all before, unexciting.

well, it doesn’t excite ME.

and it suffers from the same thing as a lot of stuff these days which I guess is a sign of the times, they sound disinterested, bored voices, lazy playing, ‘oh do we have do?’ as long as we get payed – it’s not impressive. but this is me showing my age, back in the day you could hear that the people were having fun and wanted to be there, these people just want to get the recording over and go to the pub.

It’s been quite a year for these 3 Brooklynites, debut album sells out in days, founding member and songwriter leaves for Crystal Stilts, and… well I’d imagine a load of other eventful stuff happened to them too. Nicks right about this being nothing new but so what? This pool of staticky reverb is one you can lie in for months on end.


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