nick thinks… Top 25 0f 2008: 5 // The Ruby Suns – Sea Lion (Sub Pop / Lil Chief 2008)


Nick: extremely eclectic, with very nice bits obviously stolen or inspired by all sorts of other things and some completely unnecessary sound effects, some are quite nice but most are quite irritating, dragged in by the hair, nothing to do with the melodics etc.

same story, ‘lets add sound effects to sound original’, and these guys need it because the bulk of each song is highly unoriginal.

you’ve been complaining a lot about people ‘dragging in’ needless sound effects to sound original recently, so if lots of people are doing it do you not think they might be thinking it’s for something else other than to sound original?

well, I guess it’s just an unoriginal way of trying to sound original.

there’s everything in this; it’s an amalgam of 300 sounds every minute.

(track 6 – Remember)

bit of beach boys now.

bit of Sgt pepper.

but it’s very well put together, it’s quite a successful amalgam of everything.

though I enjoy listening to it.

but it’s really a triumph of editing over everything else isn’t it? if I took a beach boys record, a bjork record, some radiohead and a few orchestral pieces and edited them altogether, put some sound effects on top of it all, I’d have the exact same album as these guys.

ok, all over.

well it gets 8 or 9 for editing and mixing, 3 or 4 for originality.

they have a serious problem tho, if they were played on the radio would anyone be able to instantly recognize them?

you said they were from New Zealand yes? well there’s the thing, they don’t have any of their own music to fall back on so they have to steal from everywhere else.

Who cares? This is a sunny swirling sunscape of a world tour, the ball growing and expanding as it trundles over continent after continent, crushing african farmers and the wandering minstrels of patagonia as it goes, ‘Take that you stupid idiots!’ say The Ruby Suns ‘we’re gonna steal your music and give it a good going over with our fancy samplers and faux sunny disposition , DIE! DIE! DIE! ahahahahaha’

probably not actually, they seem like pretty decent folk.


One response to “nick thinks… Top 25 0f 2008: 5 // The Ruby Suns – Sea Lion (Sub Pop / Lil Chief 2008)

  1. ha ha ha, totally racist to the new zeland

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