nick thinks… Top 25 of 2008: 3 // Ponytail – Ice Cream Spiritual (We Are Free 2008)


Nick: I have no idea what this is based on but I like it.

it’s quirky and fun but unfortunately, well so far anyway, it seems to be just one idea.

fast and furious pop rock, is it pop rock?

I guess you could say that.

well fast pop rock with a screaming girl making it sound spontaneous.

good party music, maybe not for dancing but it does create an ebullient atmosphere.

it’s so hectic.

(halfway through track 4 – Celebrate the Body Electric {It Came From an Angel})

ahhhhh a quiet bit.

it’s sort of quite original, but I think that the musical idea, if that’s what you can call it, is not really big enough to sustain itself over a whole lp, if you know what I mean, because we’re already at the stage where it’s ‘okay heard all this before’. it’s started to become wallpaper.

her screaming voice is interesting the first and second time but I’m bored with it now.

but it’s exuberant in places, which is nice.

it’s written as a….sort of….it’s almost symphonic isn’t it? themes returning all the time.

final verdict; it’s interesting up until halfway through and then you just want to hear something else.

but apart from that it’s pretty good and somewhat original, it’d be interesting to see where they can go after this, do you keep the screaming girl? how long can she go ‘eeeeh yyyyyeeeeeee aaaaaaiiii’? can they release record after record of hectic pop rock with enthusiastic screaming?

if was listening to their next cd in a shop and the first song was exactly like this, well then, no I wouldn’t be buying that. it’s a problem with a lot of today’s music, it’s a gimmick that isn’t based on great lyrics or a memorable melody and there’s only so far you can go with that, there’s nothing to be expected after this. this is just what they do.

in the end you just remember the gimmick not the melody.

One Idea? yes. But when that one idea lasts 33 minutes and contains all the energy and joy of 100 children’s birthday parties, well whats not to love? Music like this often gets a bad rep for being ‘flimsy’ or ‘lightweight’ or some shit, like one day soon you’ll grow out of it, forget it forever, not like ‘Blood On The Tracks’ or some other classic. But I reckon when I’m an old man, low on energy, friends and time, I’d be much more welcoming to distillations of technicolour bliss than another old man moaning about a girl.


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