Adrian Crowley – Long Distance Swimmer (Tin Angel 2007)


Nick: well, it’s pretty, sounds like it’s from another era.

the lyrics are a bit overly sentimental at times.

and in parts it becomes very sleepy, but still, it’s pretty.

ok the albums finished and our word count so far is 31, surely we can do better?

ok, I found it a bit too sweet and sugary, it’s nice but it’s nothing that makes you really sit up and listen to it, I can imagine him with a cardigan, smoking a pipe, thinking to himself ‘I really am a great poet’, but maybe that’s just me.

it’s ultimately pretty & pretty boring, it all comes from the same part of the forest.

as you can guess this isn’t my kind of music.

Oh well. In a lot of the feedback we get from fans of the site, people will normally let it be known that they agree with Nick on most points, so maybe now you’re thinking ‘Hmmm sounds like a pretty crappy album, I’ll give it a miss’. Well here’s some good news: Nick is massively wrong about this one! And what’s better is that if you head on over to Mr Jim Carroll’s On The Record blog, you can download the album for free till thursday!


One response to “Adrian Crowley – Long Distance Swimmer (Tin Angel 2007)

  1. Thanks for the plug Ruan

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