V/A – An Indiecater Christmas (Indiecater 2008)


Seeing as last time we did a compilation, you were taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride of I-like-this-I-hate-this, I thought we’d do this one track by track?

Nick: that makes sense I guess.

:: The Cloud Room – Melody Like Snow ::

has that got anything to do with christmas? maybe the lyrics did but I couldn’t hear them. I don’t think I’d like to hear that on christmas morning.

:: Nina Hynes – Twinkle ::

sorta prettyish, bit over-sentimental, with the little girl voice.

:: Kill Kringle Club – Songs of Noel ::

quite nice, certainly not a classic, it’ll last the season and then disappear into average christmas song heaven, also I didn’t like the way the levels were mixed, there was one sound that was far too strident, they should’ve turned it down, it’s too hard, bit unpleasant.

:: Bill Baird – Christmas in Jail ::

it’s hard to cope with those sentimental messages, it’s a nice song and closer to the classic christmas feel, but the lyrics worry me a bit.

:: Idaho – Santa Claus is Weird ::

santa claus is weird? ahahahaha, that’s correct I guess. well it’s a weird christmas song too.

:: Venice is Sinking – The Grey Line ::

I love all these funny names. this doesn’t have anything to make it stand out.

:: Normandy – Merry Christmas Blogosphere! ::

Nah, nah, not really, she sings out of tune, though I’m overly susceptible to that kind of thing.

:: The Very Most – This Year, Christmas Came November 4th ::

that’s the first one that actually has a hook, a memorable melody, hear it twice and you’d virtually be able to sing along, still nothing outstanding, judging it purely as a christmas song it’s the best so far.

:: Remington Super 60 – Here Comes Christmas ::

very beatle-y, yeah it’s nice, lyrics a bit too easy, they’re not great but it’s quite a memorable melody.

:: Jape & David Kitt – I Will Cry This Christmas ::

that one could’ve been about easter or summer or anything other than christmas, they just dragged the word into the song, but apart from that it’s a nice little ditty, nothing……. (just drifts off)

:: The Specimen – Wish It Would Snow ::

mmmm, pfhh, what can I say? not an awful lot.

:: Nonstop Everything – There is No Santa, Little Boy ::

it’s a piece of music, so it’s got that going for it. if you heard it outside of this record you wouldn’t recognize it as having anything to do with christmas, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. or good for that matter.

:: My Teenage Stride – Is It Christmastime Already? ::

is he singing ‘it’s christmas baby’?


well then it’s out, I think all songs that use ‘baby’ to refer to anything other than a very small child should be outlawed.

I’ve heard you say baby when you’re driving, ‘c’mon! hurry up baby!’ etc, you shout it at other drivers.

REALLY!!?!!  well next time I do it, hit me, it’s detestable, this isn’t the 20’s.

:: Dora Flood – Coastal Winter ::

these are the guys, the dreary ones, they don’t want to be here, singing bored. is it a hangover from punk? there were some carol singers in the shopping centre that sounded like that yesterday.

:: Loxsly – Santa Got the Spins ::

got the spins? is that a DJ expression?

no, its when you get too drunk and the room starts spinning, I assume.

ok well this is definitely my favorite, simple, not trying too hard, has a point to it. and it had an idea, whereas most of the other ones seem to be written without an idea.

:: Track a Tiger – Once in the Wine ::

yeah, nice pleasant, again nothing special.

:: The Winks – Action Figures ::

that was….trying too hard to be interesting & original and it failed in every category. strange noises will never replace peoples need for hooks and melody.

An Indiecater Christmas is a compilation put out by the good people over at MP3 Hugger /
Indiecater Records, it’s filled to the brim with festive cheer and a small bit of turkey filled, beer soaked despair and is available for the price of a selection box over here. GO!


One response to “V/A – An Indiecater Christmas (Indiecater 2008)

  1. I like the way you have different colours for each of the track titles. It gives it a Christmas-decoration buzz. But then, it could equally be an Easter colours feel, or a Summery feel. I’m just dragging in the idea of Christmas to suit the purposes of this comment, really….

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