// Merry Christmas // Thanks // Submissions //


3 quick things;

1 // This’ll be the last post of the year, things will be back to normal in early January. Merry Christmas!

2 // Thanks so much to everyone who has visited the blog over the last 4 months, to all the internet folks who gave us props and led people our way, to all the bloggers who added us to their blogroll, to all the bands that sent us music, to all the people who sent nice emails and left nice comments, to Bill from The Mae Shi and Al from The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock for answering our dumb questions, but mostly to YOU, reading this right now, you’re awesome.

3 // We want / need submissions! For a large part of January Nick will be unable to sit here and review all the rubbish I throw at him so I thought seeing as it’s Christmas, and hopefully you’ll be seeing your family, you could (if you want) take an hour to sit down with your Dad / Mum / Brother / Sister / Aunt / Uncle / Granny / Grandad / Son / Daughter / Arch Nemesis / Whatever and play them an album you love and write down their feelings on it. Yeah? No? It’s up to you. Send anything to: nickthinksblog@gmail.com

Again, thanks so much and have a rake of deadly dinners this holiday season.

xxx R&N


2 responses to “// Merry Christmas // Thanks // Submissions //

  1. Well done Rand N and good luck to Nick with the nuts and bolts tightening session .Don’t forget if you want to give some free ad space to your cousin I could probably find something to sell .Just kidding ,best of luck and sell to the highest bidder as soon as the offer reaches 8 figures .

  2. i got me da to revuw the new maro picotto but he’s in jail for stabing me ma

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