Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion (Domino, 2009)


you seem to have quite liked animal collective the last couple of times you heard them, but seeing as you normally have an extreme averse reaction to even the tiniest bit of hype and hyperbole, I thought I’d read you this quote from ‘uncut’ magazine before we get started.

Nick: ok.

they say this new album ”doesn’t just seem like one of the first great records of 2009, it feels like one of the landmark American albums of the century so far.”

phfftt, very high praise. how much did they pay them to say that?


I like it but.. not as much as the other stuff I’ve heard by them, it seems like they’ve found a formula and stuck to it and that makes it a little boring, repetitive, the other albums were something new, filled with invention.

now this is probably just as good as the last one but it’s missing that ‘wow’ factor.

it’s certainly not the greatest album of the century or whatever the magazine said.

I have a feeling that they’re playing catch-up.

like ‘we’re sorry we didn’t give your other albums 5 star reviews, here you go’?

yeah, kinda.

I see they’re still doing the beach boys thing.

it’s still good but no improvement, they’re slightly…..

have you had a look at this colour lovers website?


do you know how it works? how do I contribute?

I dunno, I just go there to steal ideas.

alright, I have to go to the shops you want anything?

And with that he’s gone, but I can see what he means here, there’s something slightly underwhelming happening here. Brothersport, My Girls and Taste are some of the best A.C songs I’ve heard, this is probably their most consistent album, barring the overly sweet Bluish and the didgeridoo intro to Lion in a Coma, but I’m just not as floored as I was the first time I heard ‘Sung Tongs’, ‘Feels’ or ‘Strawberry Jam’. Hmmmmm…Who cares, this’ll be one of the biggest records of the year and honestly has a chance to become a full-on gazillion selling crossover smash.
Isn’t it great that we live in a world where something like that could happen to a band like this?


9 responses to “Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion (Domino, 2009)

  1. They are so not stuck man. Listen to this baby with your better headphones or your best sound system to hear the bass, watery and who knows what else sounds, and their harmonies. I thgink this album is gonna be big, and probably will be even huge with time.

  2. This Nick person is a bore.

  3. Turned up really, really loud, this album is damned exciting.

  4. This Nick person is a bore.

    Wahhh, mean old internet person doesn’t love the exact same music I love.

    “Summer Cloths” aside I’ve yet to be blown away by anything on this. It’s good but …

    I listened to Person Pitch again last night, I prefer that.

  5. Well you aren’t going to like everything the first time round. I’m of the opinion that this is the consistently strongest AC album. Really excellent. Hyperbole is never nice (i.e. those reviews) and will probably lead to some backlash… but I really really like it. For the most part it I don’t like to be worried about the context of how much you like other stuff if you do enjoy listening to it.

  6. A good album to test your hifi material and quite
    good moments but lack of real “classical” instruments played by hands of humans with
    their own style makes me angry.Too many sophisticated vintage sounds but digitalised sounds certainly
    well assembled but which don’t affect the real
    heart,body and mind of human being. Unfortunately animal collective lost their “punk” energy of
    their debut where they played in studio and live with 2 guitars,raw drums (and only one synth).
    We have now three men everyone titled on their synth who make danceable complex hyped intelligent music with their tradmark
    beach boys singings but something is missing.
    I’m now listening to Panda Bear’s Person Pitch
    album and this one was really good,more focused,spontaneous,much darker and mindblowing.I can listen and relisten to it without boring.
    So we can compare:do Animal Collective on merryweather have forgotten a crucial thing in
    their art:interior inspiration and research of the
    unknown. Yes,I have the impression that Animal
    Collective wanted to make Super Animal Collective music but in art it doen’t work like that to deliver real emotions.Purhaps by lack of
    inspiration ,space in themselves and emotions at source (due to musical
    business pressure?), they parody themselves.

    Sorry for my approximativ english ,but I’m french.

  7. I’ll have a bottle of Coke, if you’re going.

    P.S. This is an insanely good album. I don’t think it’s as friendly as some of their other albums, but it’s the only thing they (or spinoffs) have ever released that doesn’t have a chink in the armour. I’d be bringing it to a desert island, at this point.

  8. I have this pegged. You have to book four days off work, draw the curtains, drink one bottle of beer every hour, smoke your lungs black, befriend a crazy hooker and a card shark, eat 99s at 5am and not once take off your headphones.

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