Mumblin’ Deaf Ro – Señor My Friend (Villain, 2002 / Indiecater, 2009)


Nick: Who was fleetwood mac’s guitarist?

peter green?

no, don’t think so.

well he was, how about lindsey buckingham?

yes! the playing here reminds me of lindsey buckingham.

what would you call this style of music?

it’s difficult to say, finger-picked country-blues pop? something near there anyway.

well its very nice, contemplative, the singing is a bit flat at times.

but the problem is I keep forgetting to listen to it, it’s too even, it becomes wallpaper.

very pretty wallpaper all the same.

you know, I hate to say anything critical about it but it’s just not grabbing me.

it’s the sort of thing that I think would be best listened to in a darkened room, just sit back, close your eyes and get into it. it’s not suited to sitting in front of the computer trying to install programs.

I’ll stop and give it a bit more attention.

I’d say if this was your kind of music, you’d listen to this a lot, get home from a hard day at work and relax with this.

and this guy is irish?


hmmm, if you had said he was from the english midlands I would’ve believed that quicker, I don’t know why that is, but I just get an english midlands feel from it.

where does the name ‘mumblin deaf ro’ come from?

I’m not sure, his names ronan, so that’s the ‘ro’ part, I always just assumed it was a play on the old ‘bluesman’ names like blind lemon jefferson etc.

ok yeah that would make sense, is he a professional? does he make money?

ehhh no, not really, well a bit obviously but this is ireland, y’know?

strange, I’d see this as the kind of stuff that could sell very well. the more i listen to him the more I want him to make money from it.

Mumblin’ Deaf Ro is one of Ireland’s true cult heroes, thought by those who know him to be verging on genius but largely ignored by the public at large. The upcoming digital re-release of his home-recorded 2002 debut by Indiecater Records probably won’t change that but it will give the many people bowled over by his latest, ‘The Herring & The Brine’, a chance to hear 10 more delicate, hilarious and heartbreaking chunks of ridiculously good song-smithery. Keep an eye here.


4 responses to “Mumblin’ Deaf Ro – Señor My Friend (Villain, 2002 / Indiecater, 2009)

  1. Every now and then she gets a moment is one of my favouritest songs ever.

  2. How do you and Nick get the time to listen to a whole album together every day?

    “Lonesome Ray James” is the song that unlocked this album for me. That long long melody, and “I wasn’t talented but I worked hard/Beat better fighters by having a bigger heart”

    • well, we work right next to each other in an office in the attic of our home, one day, pretty soon i imagine, i won’t live here / i’ll get a better job, and that’s when it’ll get difficult.

  3. The ‘Senor, My Friend’ reissue has landed and it comes with 3 bonus tunes!

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