Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden (EMI, 1988)


going all the way back to 1988 with this one.

Nick: oooooh, was I even alive then?

what, may I ask was miles davis doing there?

probably shooting heroin into his thigh or something.

could well be, but it sounds like he’s playing doesn’t it?

this is brilliant, 1988? when did ‘hair’ come out?

60’s? 70’s? I dunno. you compare a lot of things to ‘hair’.

do I? have I done it before? I wasn’t aware of that.

maybe not here but… you do mention ‘hair’ quite a bit.

well it made a big impression at the time.

why haven’t I heard of this before?

don’t ask me.

well who should I ask?

it has touches of the more contemplative miles davis and I know this sounds like an impossibility but it sounds like we’re listening to a mark rothko painting.

all I can say is sheer genius.

but what if this was all just luck? were they just messing about?

as far as I know the recording process was a very drawn out, arduous slog, recorded mostly in the dark, throwing out miles and miles of tape for no reason other than it not being ‘perfect’.

well I thought as much, it all sounds deliberate enough.

I can’t say anything more, this is just brilliant, beautiful, eat your hearts out everybody.

What he said!


4 responses to “Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden (EMI, 1988)

  1. haha, I agree whole heartedly with Nick and yourself. I’ve not listened to Talk Talk in yonks. Time to dust this one off!

  2. Hmmm, I better get my hands on this album. I have no knowledge of Talk Talk (beyond the early hits) but that sounds interesting, as does the AllMusic biography.

  3. seriously pádraig stop whatever yr doing and run out and get it now, one of the best and so so far removed from their earlier synthpop stuff.

  4. A friend of mine had a tape in his car of two talk talk albums, I was so impressed that next time i was in town i picked up a best of, but to my dismay is a totally different, synch pop, examing the inner sleeve I found out it only contain stuff from the first 3 albums and as it turn out it’s the last two that were on the tape and it’s the last two # 1988: Spirit of Eden
    # 1991: Laughing Stock when they changed their sound completly. Both albums are as what Nick says “beautiful”. sweet blog, just found it.

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