Road Records

As I’m sure you’ve all heard already, the legendary Road Records will be shutting up shop in the next couple of weeks. This is a devastating blow to all fans & makers of independent music in this country. For the last 11 years the shop has been nothing but a vital and positive force for good.

Dave outlined the various reasons that made this decision a necessity in a post on Thumped, go read!

I just want to take this chance to thank Dave and Julie so much for being super nice folk and for selling me tonnes of amazing records over the years (not to mention selling stuff by bands I’ve been in). The city and the independent / d.i.y scene is going to be a colder place without them.

Nothing is gonna save the shop now but you can still help out! As I type this, plans are afoot for a benefit night / gig and many many great bands: Moutpiece, The Dudley Corporation, The Jimmy Cake, My Brother Woody, Land Lovers, The Bastard Rain and probably way more by the time I post this, have pledged all the proceeds of sales of their records in Road to go straight to Dave & Julie. Get in there this weekend and buy up all that good stuff!


One response to “Road Records

  1. I am so inspired to see the community binding for D&J this way and you can hope it cushions what’s really an horrific blow, just to show that their dedication over the years has been appreciated and successful in the driving aim, to provide quality from their premises.

    There’s been mention that shops have all been closing throughout the world, it’s an inevitable stage of social and consumer evolution. Without sounding like one to sink under the weight of recession and treat it as another horrible blow in life I actually feel we’ve been lucky to witness a special chapter of Irish music history. I feel I’ve enriched my children by bringing them there and am so glad to have seen an exceptional standard of what a great record store is.

    Can’t *wait* for the gig 🙂

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