Karl Blau – Nature’s Got Away (K, 2008)


Nick: who does he sound like?

someone else I know.

do you know?

no idea?

nope, you mean just in the voice yeah?


is it the guy from lambchop? kurt wagner?

yes! that’s exactly it. though the guy from lambchop is a bit lower.

it’s very nice, but some of the experimental bits just don’t come off, when they do it’s quite interesting.

it reminds me of lambchop all over now, not just the voice.

you need to stop using the word ‘nice’ I think

do I use it too often? I’ll try and change, it’ll be difficult, there’s not many words that can take it’s place.


um…yeah that’s not really the same thing though is it?

maybe I’ll just say lambchoppy from now on.

I don’t quite know why I like it but I do.

it’s sort of…. it’s quite…. intriguing.

ok it’s over.

sorry, but it’s nice stuff.

Hey, wanna kick up dust in the forest and watch as it glistens in the shafts of light that break through the tree tops? Me too! but it’s raining and we live in a horrible grey city, the best we could do is kick up some puke at a traffic light or that ‘why go bald?’ sign or we could listen to ‘Nature’s Got Away’ by Karl Blau, it’s up to you.



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