Michael Knight – I’m Not Entirely Clear How I Ended Up Like This (Yes Boy Ice Cream, 2008)


Nick: this is tricky to categorize isn’t it?

it’s nice, but it’s uh…. an eclectic mixture of things so I’m so sure what to make of it.

the beginning was quite filmic.

(Track 08: Ascending and…Ascending)

ok it’s getting to the point where I can’t take the dreariness of it anymore.

slow it down a notch and we’re at a funeral.

(as if by magic a church organ enters)

ha! there, see? the funeral has begun.

now and then something comes along and gets rid of the suicidal tone.

it’s interesting for a moment, then it becomes a dirge, over and over.

it comes with a second disc of instrumentals.

aha, wow I was just about to say it would benefit from removing the vocals, it’ll still sound negative, well not negative but somber.

I can’t really understand the lyrics, probably about graveyards, pestilence, the black death, generally speaking.

very occasionally it reminds me of radiohead!

what bits or what….element?

there is this kind of floating, drawn out melody thing that both bands do.

black and white movies of northern england during the depression.

Wikipedia says: Michael Knight (born April 11, 1978 in Nuremberg, Germany) is an Atlanta, Georgia-based fashion designer. He was a contestant on the third season of the Bravo network reality television series Project Runway, where he came in fourth place.

Doesn’t mention anything about his two albums of baroque pop & pomp, which are great. Weird.



One response to “Michael Knight – I’m Not Entirely Clear How I Ended Up Like This (Yes Boy Ice Cream, 2008)

  1. I do really like the bonus disk, it’s interesting to hear the different dimensions instruments fill without vocals.

    Never got the funeral-ish vibe though!

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