The Books – The Lemon of Pink (Tomlab, 2003)


Nick: Weird…anarchic….deliberately obtuse….

but never less than intriguing.

you wonder what would happen if all this creativity, inventiveness and musical talent were focused to create something more coherent and less ‘blundering about in the dark’.

but maybe that wouldn’t work..

it may be the ‘blundering that makes this intriguing.

I’ll leave it on my i-pod and I’ll listen to it again.

another term that came to mind was dada.

I don’t know if there ever was such a thing as dada music, but if there wasn’t this would be pretty close to the principles.

Nick wrote this one on his own from his bed in the Hospital, bored shitless.
This is one of my favorite albums of all time, it’s all bowed, struck, plucked and rattled strings with clippity cloppity samples of every sound on earth. Really.


One response to “The Books – The Lemon of Pink (Tomlab, 2003)

  1. His review is spot-on innit? Dada music. Legend.

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