Coming Up.

Something a little different today.

I shall present Nick with 4 versions of the same song, ‘Coming Up’ written by Paul McCartney, from his fairly bonkers 1980 album McCartney II.

First up is the original, followed by Max Tundra’s version from his Remixes & Interpretations 1998-2005 collection, then it’ll be my buddy Wilbert who did the song for the Thumped Cover Challenge and although it’s just a bit of fun, it’s made it’s way into my I-Tunes top 25 most played playlist (#19). Finally it’s the turn of Hot Chip main man Alexis Taylor, from his recent solo album Rubbed Out

This post also marks the first time (maybe only time) we’ll be giving away free music on the blog! Wowzers! Download the 4 tracks in zipped form right here.

Ok, on with the judging.

:: Paul McCartney ::

Nick: I have to say that when this came out, I always felt it was a desperate attempt by McCartney to bring his music up to date, prove that he could do the funky hip stuff.

in hindsight it sounds pretty ok actually, at the time I thought it was forcing the issue a bit.

:: Max Tundra ::

he’s retained the strangled voice.

I don’t think he has improved it as a song particularly.

and it’s got his old electronic repetition, the old trap. it doesn’t make things interesting.

:: Wilbert ::

this is closer to the original, and to my mind, a little more listenable-to than the last one.

:: Alexis Taylor ::

I thought that was by far the ‘nicest’, took a different attitude to the song.

but it lacks the punch, it becomes like so many things these days, everyone trying to sound lackluster.

after all I think the original is my favorite, even though at the time it was kind of silly.


One response to “Coming Up.

  1. I think the vidjo to Macca’s ‘Coming Up’ may be one of my favourite things evar. x

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