Why? – Oaklandazulasylum (Anticon, 2003) & Alopecia (Anticon, 2008) & cLOUDDEAD – Ten (Mush, 2004)


Nick: I like this a lot actually, it seems like the kind of thing you would get more and more out of the more you listen to it.

and this is rap? is doesn’t really sound like rap to me, it’s far too melodic.

well it’s a record made by someone who sometimes raps, put out on a ‘leftfield’ hip hop label but it’s nowhere near what most people’s idea of rap is.

now this is a very good example of a consistent style, but within it it has enough variation and invention, you don’t get bored, I could listen to two albums by this guy.


ok well, if you want two albums here’s his latest, Alopecia, I guess this time the band is called Why? and he who used to be Why? is back to being Yoni.

Yoni? spelled which way?


that’s quite worrying.

why’s that?

well that’s the Sanskrit word for vagina.

now there’s no way this one could be called rap, this has moved even further away.

it’s more mainsteam, and therefore not as interesting.

which one is your favorite?

the first one as well, but that could just be because I heard it first, I tend to always like the first thing i loved by a band most, does that make sense?

yes well, this all seems like reverse progression. the stuff here is no where near as interesting as the first one, I hate to say it but maybe the first record sold badly so they changed their style?

well maybe you’d prefer cLOUDDEAD? the band he was in before going solo.


here’s Ten by them

(track 2 – The Teen Keen Skip)

here comes a blender solo.


well this is again full of invention, but it’s less satisfying, it seems to be searching for something, his solo one is more coherent, a clearer vision.

I still like it though.

it’s just missing something that the other one had, I guess it’s just…..you could tell the first one was an album, this could be a compilation, little bits from everywhere.

Jeepers creepers that went off in a direction I wasn’t expecting. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank a man named Cookiemonster for sending me a compilation a few years ago. On this CDR was a track by Dose One & Boom Bip, at that moment in time it was the greatest thing I’d ever heard and I immediately went on a huge anticon and anything related buying spree, pretty much all of it was fantastic but Oaklandazulasylum was and probably always will be my favoritist of the bunch.
Thanks Cookiemonster, whoever & wherever you are.


www.myspace.com/clouddeadrecords (unofficial)


2 responses to “Why? – Oaklandazulasylum (Anticon, 2003) & Alopecia (Anticon, 2008) & cLOUDDEAD – Ten (Mush, 2004)

  1. Everyday i wake up i ask Alopecia, Why? Solid album though.

  2. I know who the Cookie Monster is!

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