Dinah Brand – Pale Monkey Blues (No Label?, 2005)


Nick: very nice stuff.

for some weird reason, I don’t know if anyone would agree with me, but they remind me of The Rolling Stones, their slower stuff anyway, same feel.

wow, I can totally see where your coming from, never noticed that before.

songs have similar structures.

when is it from?

I’m not entirely sure, 5 or 6 years ago I think, maybe more, I lost the box.

well it’s classic stuff, could be from any time. classic slow melodic rock.

very nice

there’s that word again

in the end I think you listen to half of it with pleasure, but it becomes wallpaper, my recommendation for anyone buying it is to listen to the first bit, put it away for a few days then listen to the second bit.

And I recommend that you all DO buy this ‘lost classic’ of Irish Moan Rock, NOW! The only place your likely to get it is Road so you have till Saturday, seriously go, get snowed on. Who cares?



2 responses to “Dinah Brand – Pale Monkey Blues (No Label?, 2005)

  1. Yes, it’s a fantastic record. One of my favourite Irish releases of the last few years. I reckon it came out around 2005. There is another Dinah Brand one in the works .. here’s hoping.

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