Ducktails – 7” (Breaking World Records, 2008) & Real Estate – 7” (Underwater People, 2009)


Nick:I get the feeling this doesn’t stand on it’s own, it feels like it’s been created to illustrate something, not a movie but a slight sequence of something, a visual.

I want to say ‘where are the slides?’

what am I supposed to be looking at.

what if you were on a train looking out the window or something?

yeah maybe…there’s something African about it, I can picture a quick travelogue of North African scenes and people.

the Germans have a word for…well Romano Guardini have you heard of him?


he was a philosopher who wrote in German, he wrote about what constitutes art, and according to him art becomes a thing in itself,  ‘das ding an sich’ which means that although the art represents something it also becomes like a stone, but this piece of music didn’t have that, it never became something of itself.

I’ve probably explained that really badly.

I mean you should be able to appreciate this for what it is and not what it represents.

I’d maybe buy this if I was putting on a slideshow.


here’s the same guy again but this time with his friends

oh he’s got friends has he?


well, he really needs his friends, that’s all I can say really.

this actually sounds like something, this sounds like music.

the first one actually got close to musak, maybe it’s too fast but it’s near enough to the music people play in lifts.

I hate to say it but that is nice, I know I shouldn’t be using ‘nice’ but there you go.

Ducktails is Matt Mondanile, while Real Estate is him plus Etienne Duguay, Alex Bleeker and Martin Courtney. And for the last couple of weeks these two records have been swirling around my head first thing in the morning, last thing at night, on buses and the luas and while slipping and sliding around on the ice in Dundrum, close your eyes for a second and you can pretend the sun is shining bright.

Today, the ice is mostly gone, the sun actually IS shining and a physical copy of the Real Estate 7” finally arrived so….. yeah, here we are.


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