Telepathe – Dance Mother (V2, 2009)


Nick: is that ‘dance mother’ as in the imperative DANCE, MOTHER! or it is the other way or is it just left up to you?

I think it’s up to you.

(track 2 – Chromes On It)

they remind me of a group that was around quite a long time ago.

this is pop isn’t it? I would call it pop anyway.

but it’s more interesting than most pop.

maybe its just this song, the melody, I can’t think of who they were.

Manhattan Transfer?

ha! no.

Pussycat? was there a band called Pussycat?

interestingly enough, if you put another voice on this, instead of the girls, it wouldn’t be pop anymore. they have very smooth ‘pop’ voices.

The Pussycat Dolls?

no, no, no, no, no this was a band just called Pussycat, they might’ve even been Dutch.

it’s the staccato rhythms.

well has a Dutch band of ladies from the 70’s called Pussycat.

this must be them! but then I’m still not sure if this is the band I’m actually thinking of.

they have some samples here, hold on.

hmmm don’t think this is what I’m thinking of, though they were quite good at what they do.

I wonder if they knew about ABBA?

(back to Telepathe)

I’m not wild about this, as pop goes it’s very interesting, but……….

what would I call it?

it’s like a bunch of extremely musical sixth formers got together to make interesting pop music. the voices sound immature.

I wouldn’t listen to it out of choice.

it’s just all a bit……cold, seems too thought out and manufactured.

I’m still not 100% gone on this myself. 3 really great songs but the rest is all a bit, as Nick noted, cold. Cold futuristic laser pop just ain’t my bag right now (see last post).


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