Parts & Labor – Mapmaker (Jagjaguwar, 2007)


I wanna do a Parts & Labor album today

Nick: right

but I don’t know which to do, so maybe you could choose?

me? choose? how would I do that?

well there’s the first one which is very noisy but still very ‘pop’, or the second one where the pop starts to outweigh the noise, or the third one which I think is the worst of the bunch, it’s not awful or anything just nowhere near the greatness of the first two.

how about you choose?

grrrrr, alright let’s do the second one.

I think I’d like this better if they had less or fewer effects, parts of it are overly rich, they put in too much, it drowns out what it’s all about.

at the end of each song is this filler of nnnnnneeeerrrrrr kgvgvgvkkkghghg pfpfpfpfphhjhjujhjhjh just to make time. it’s unnecessary.

add a little restraint and you would have a better album.

you’d probably like the most recent one then.

and you don’t like that one?

no, well yes but I miss the old drummer, think he was a huge part of their sound.

yes he certainly was on this one

but it’s not exactly an incredible, original piece of music but….. it’s ok.

Broken down keyboards, soaring stadium pop choruses, and proper mental drumming defined the sound of the first few Parts & Labor releases. On latest album Receivers the keyboards have new batteries, the choruses are less brash, and the mental drummer has been replaced with one more thoughtful & calm. I know you’re not supposed to want or expect a band to stay the same forever but…..I’m a dickhead.

Still, I’ll be up front and smiling like a goon when I finally get to see them live this Sunday (15th) in Crawdaddy.


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