Dublin Duck Dispensary – Yykes Basket (The Record Dispensary, 2009)

dddybNick: these are amateurs I take it?

what are you laughing at?

why is that funny?

I don’t know, why did you say it?

why did I say it? because they sound like amateurs, they sound like a bunch of guys who occasionally get together to play music.

but that describes probably 90% of bands on the planet

yes but it doesn’t describe 90% of the bands we listen to does it?

I thought we tend to listen to…..people that make money for selling records.

whereas if you compare these with spirits? the ghost?

The Spook?

The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock!

well they come from the same part of the forest right?

but they seem just miles and miles ahead of these guys, like miles!

they need work.

well as far as I can see all that separates the two bands is their sound and aesthetic, apart from that they’re just Irish guys making and playing music when they can.

well aren’t the Spook on tour in Japan at the moment? like professionals would be?

point taken.

another difference is these guys are like everyone else, dispirited.

do you not agree? ‘myweh myweh myweh’ listen to it.

it’s also very badly recorded.

well again that’s just the aesthetic I guess, it’s lo-fi, it ticks all the lo-fi boxes.

is it supposed to?

if they set out to sound badly rehearsed, badly recorded, unprepared…. they’ve done a fantastic job.

sounds like they met maybe twice before.

well as far as I know it’s just one guy on the recordings.

that’s quite remarkable isn’t it?

and strange, you’d assume one guy could at least play with himself.

that doesn’t look right written down.

hahaha ok play in….. rhythm or…. I don’t know, he should be tighter.

lo-fi isn’t bad and bad isn’t lo-fi, it’s just music created in primitive circumstances, the people involved can still play well, can be tight. lo-fi is just the recording.

yes but it’s become a genre in itself.

yes but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to be bad, a guy walks into a room of people, takes out a violin, plays for a bit and he’s awful, everyone hates it and he just says ‘it’s ok guys, I’m lo-fi’

let’s be fair, a lot of Neil Young stuff is lo-fi and the guy is absolutely brilliant, if I took my dictaphone and sat beside Neil Young, and released it it would still be brilliant.

and this is very mediocre stuff from every point of view.

you can’t hide your flaws in lo-fi so you better be good!

DDD is one man named Bobby.
DDD like The Unicorns a lot (I’m guessing)
DDD have given away three mostly great albums on Rack & Ruin Records.
DDD are not giving this one away, you have to buy it.
You can buy it on his myspace page
You should buy it.



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