Dan Deacon – Bromst (Carpark, 2009)


Nick: bromst? does that mean anything?

I’ll look it up.

music like that always make me think….

(phone rings)

oh for fucks sake!

aggh it’s just a fax, hold on

…makes me think of computer graphics, they don’t set out to do something, they just find their way through it, looking for funny sounds.

this didn’t come from somebodies head, it came from playing with buttons and knobs.

fucking paper won’t go in!

it’s not bad to listen to it’s just soulless manufactured stuff.

(ruan: reading from wikipedia, yawn)

”Dan Deacon attended the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College in Purchase, New York, … He completed his graduate studies in electro-acoustic and computer music composition. He studied under composer/conductor Joel Thome and Dary John Mizelle”

well yes you can hear that, this is music concerned with code not notes, sliders and oscillators.

(phone rings again)

fax again

I think you take a very dim view of electronic music, you always seem to think it’s just some guys sitting round pressing buttons all day waiting for a happy accident.

but you can tell the difference, either the person is controlling the computer and the software or it’s controlling them and this sounds too controlled by the software.

it’s a pity, this guy could be a really talented composer but instead he’s let himself become a good editor.

and this is fine but all it speaks to his my head, not my heart or soul.

what about your feet?

does it speak to my feet? do I want to dance? walk?

no it doesn’t.

also there isn’t a single original melodic line in it is there?

I’ve heard them all before, easy bits of tune.

so it’s only creative in the way it’s put together, not the origin of it, that has a complete lack of creativity.

I really don’t think he had planned any of this, he just went in and put it together.

I could add things to this

(nick: singing)

(ruan: laughing)

(dan deacon: new melody line comes in)

see! there it is exactly as I was doing.

(nick: making booooooom & biiiiiiiiiiiim sounds and another one that sounds like a backwards cat)

he should’ve sent this to me before releasing it, I can make it more interesting.

I’ll also make the prediction, I may be sticking my neck out here, but I reckon no one will be listening to this is ten years time, it’s too insignificant, nothing sticks.

emotionally there is nothing to react to.

maybe some weird musicologist will dig it out at some stage and think it’s kind of funny.

maybe that isn’t a criterion.

but why do you think some music lasts and some is left by the wayside?

this is this weeks folly.

Take that Dan! All your studying and hard work has led you down the wrong road, left you with nothing more than a folly! SUX2BU!

Only messing, you’re great!

Bromst is released on March 24th.



3 responses to “Dan Deacon – Bromst (Carpark, 2009)

  1. Use of ‘criterion’. Full marks. 🙂

  2. ‘Bromst’ might stand for Brooklyn Masonic Temple where Deacon debuted the new show with material from this album. Maybe.

  3. Best nick thinks entry yet.

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