Matmos – The Civil War (Matador, 2003)


Nick: Matmos? sounds Greek.


the experiment actually comes off here!

they’ve created an interesting piece of music.

but it’s a bit inconsistent in attitude, some bits seem very serious, others seem to take the piss.

but the main question is; was it worth it? to go through all this work for something so insubstantial? some bits were very nice but I’m not sure if by the end that can hold it all up.

the other thing that it does, it’s just sort of, ok, there is a theme but the theme isn’t a… can I put it?

the theme has no sense of development, it just tends to amble along, doesn’t go any where.

I’m not sure….

This is another all time favorite, shuddering blades of grass swaying in the sunlight, soon to be trampled down by a heavy gloop of electronic skree. Yeah?


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