Of Montreal – Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? (Polyvinyl, 2007)


Nick: wait…. what? say that all again.

the band is called Of Montreal and the album is called ‘Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?’

they are asking the hissing fauna….

if they are the destroyer yes I get it now, what does the hissing fauna answer?

let’s see

I quite like it, it started very hysterical, I dont know if thats what they wanted but thats what they ended up with.

it’s like they’re doing the school concert and they’re extremely worried about it all going wrong.

they sound very young, like…. 15 year’s old are they?

well, I reckon more like 30 or so.

even the singer? wow, he has a 15 year old’s voice.

and the hysterical-ness of the music would seem to stem from being so young too

are they trying to fit too much in? is that it?

you kind of want to give him a hug and say, ‘c’mon, everythings going to be ok, calm down’

some nice melodies here as well.

and it’s retro, it’s not of today.

actually listening to them makes me nervous!


yeah, if I could give them any advice at all I’d say relax, simplify.

this might be an insult to them but it often comes close to Manhattan Transfer!

again with the Manhattan Transfer? so does that mean that Manhattan Transfer are the unsung godfathers of today’s indie-pomp (I meant that) scene?

no, it means these guys get too soft in the middle sometimes.

It’s hard to write the end bit when yr tired / in a not very good mood and everything smells like paint.



One response to “Of Montreal – Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? (Polyvinyl, 2007)

  1. is this a positive review?! gasp!

    I listened to this album a lot when it came out, I think I was a bit frazzled at the time but to me it really captures an unhappy, angsty or conflicted sort of head space… even the clash between the uber electronic production against the retro guitars and vocal melodies… it does it all really well which makes it not an always enjoyable listen, though some of the songs are total gems, but a pretty sucsessful piece of art

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