Dirty Projectors – Rise Above (Dead Oceans, 2007)

dprathere’s a kind of silly back story to this one, it might be totally lost on you though.

Nick: ok, let’s see.

have you ever heard of Black Flag?


well, they’re a fairly legendary punk band from the US, 80’s.

legendary to their friends and family?

I think if you asked most people with a basic knowledge of American music, they could tell you who Black Flag were, maybe.

I’m happy to dispute that.

alright, well anyway this album is pitched as a ‘re-imagining’ of Damaged by Black Flag, song titles and lyrics crossover but that’s where any similarity ends.

so I don’t need to know anything about Black Flag to judge this.

no, not really, actually I kind of wish I hadn’t mentioned it.

(track 2 – No More)

I don’t say this often but……I absolutely detest this, oh my god.

(this is nick’s impression of DP’s singer Dave Longstreth)

no melody, no rhythm, just pointless.

and whats worse is it sounds like a lot of work went into sounding this bad.

like when I paint, I can’t hide the fact that I CAN paint, I can use clashing colours, make childish shapes but you can still tell that I can paint.

and these people are doing the same thing here, he’s faking his voice, he doesn’t sing like that, it’s a put on, he’s trying to sing bad. the drummer obviously can play in time but chooses not to.

fakey godawful pointless shit.

but I’m willing to keep listening, it might get better.

actually the bits where he sings are almost manageable.

Helen: that’s dreadful.

(track 5 – Miserable & Thirsty)

see, now and then a nice bit comes along, and in comes your man with his phony voice, hiiiyuunniininhgggtytytyooohohohooooh

(track 6 – Police Story, is raising many a guffaw from nick, lots of head shaking too. Lyrics: ‘we’re fighting a war we can’t win’)

you’re right there mate.

do you like this?

yes, very much so.


usual thing, great songs presented in an original way.

original is only original, it doesn’t make a thing good, it’s easy to do something original. there’s nothing to it.

I’m aware of that.

then why do you like it?

did I mention the great songs?

but you can’t hear the songs!

you can’t hear the songs!

I can’t! it’s a mess, a mess sung by someone trying to sound like a maniac desperately trying to stop himself from puking.

(record ends)

is that it?

oh thank god, that was one of the most horribly unpleasant pieces of music I have ever heard.

Oh brother! That got a bit heated towards the end. Dirty Projectors have two new albums out this year, and are playing couple gigs in Ireland at the end of the month. When I asked Nick if he’s like me to pick him up a ticket he said; ‘Yes please, and a carton of rotten tomatoes’. We’ll see you there.



3 responses to “Dirty Projectors – Rise Above (Dead Oceans, 2007)

  1. a mess sung by someone trying to sound like a maniac desperately trying to stop himself from puking.

    Ha ha, I fucking hate this lot. (Though their song with David Byrne is quite good.)

  2. Don’t worry I think this album is fucking deadly.

  3. I like them a lot! ‘Funny’ voices really are musical marmite aren’t they..

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