The Olivia Tremor Control – Black Foliage: Animation Music (Cloud Recordings, 1999)


Nick: Ordinary somewhat Beatle-like songs, overlayed with a mess of effects and experimental noises, the only thing they contribute is confusion.

songs disappearing up their own complex confusion.

now, if they want to do that, that’s fine, there’s certainly music there.

I always wonder when I listen to stuff like this, how much of it is a genuine expression and how much of it is a fear of sounding ordinary.

do they just want people to think they’re original.

there seems to be some nice songs here, and I’m not sure if there’s any need for the extraneous mess.

I think I can hear that it is a pure add-on, if you push it all to the back the songs are very consistent, melodies, harmonies, the feeling, all consistent.

but the noise, is just a grab bag of whatever crazy sounds they could come up with at that moment, just random weirdness.

(track 19 – The Bark & below It, an 11 minute sound collage)

I think we have another case of talent going to waste here, all these noises….there’s no context.

it’s like scribbling some meaningless scribbles over a Rembrandt.

(track 27 – Hilltop Procession Momentum Gaining)

is this still it?

Put on yr favorite Beatles album, turn on the telly, start skipping through the channel’s, turn on the blender, take the cutlery drawer and toss it against the wall, stick yr least favorite Turkish psychedelic jazz record on the turntable at half speed, harmonize.
Go on…


3 responses to “The Olivia Tremor Control – Black Foliage: Animation Music (Cloud Recordings, 1999)

  1. did you read him the long essay inside about the animations? did you?

  2. easily one of my favourite albums ever. Hey have you seen the bizzare trailer for the ‘major organ and the adding machine’ movie? It has Jeff Mangum as a lobster and a bunch of kids with tinfoil aeriels sticking out of their heads. I wonder what Nick would think of that album?

  3. Olivia Tremor Control are my favourite band. You should have hit him with Dusk at Cubist Castle, or like me other half said above me, Major Organ and the Adding Machine if you want to freak him out!

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