Faith No More – Angel Dust (Reprise, 1992)


(track 4 – RV, starts)

Nick: oooh, that was a bit of a surprise!

(track 5 – Smaller and Smaller, midsection, ‘Red Indian’ noises)

a visit to the reservation?

it sounds like a heavy metal band playing at their aunties 8oth birthday party, and they’re just barely able to keep quiet.

but it has some nice touches, it’s very listenable.

I’ve heard this one before, haven’t I? or is it all very derivative?

well, back when I was small I probably listened to this album 11 times a day or something, you must’ve heard it at some stage.

there’s a chance I could remember it from then, a small chance.

it’s certainly not music of today, it comes across as quite sort of…..a long time ago.


right, if I had guessed I would’ve said even older than that.

but it’s very good stuff, it’s melodic and musical.

what was it called at the time?

ugh, I guess ‘funk metal’ which is fairly horrible term.

well it sort of makes sense, it’s certainly not all metal.

(track 9 – Be Aggressive, enter the cheerleaders)

see, great stuff, the more I listen to it the more I like it.

(track 10 – A Small Victory)

I remember this one too, I remember lots of bits, looks like you’ve had an influence on my musical education.

possibly to my detriment!

it’d be great to see them live I reckon, it’s energetic and exciting and masculine, I know that’s a hang-up of mine but I hate all this wimpy music these days, big girls blouses putting in no effort.

these are GUYS!

it’s a massive production as well isn’t it? so many different parts.

they don’t make ’em like that anymore.

they can stay.

the big difference between these guys and those people I hated the other day…?

Dirty Projectors?

yes, these guys keep adding new things, inventions, but it all stays in the same genre, dirty projectors just throw any old crap at the wall.

(track 12 – Jizzlobber)

I love the church organ here!

ahh this is great

I’d find it very difficult to believe there’s somebody out there who doesn’t like this.

FNM are back! I missed them at Dalymount Park way back when, Hopefully this summer I’ll finally get a chance to see the first band I ever loved.


8 responses to “Faith No More – Angel Dust (Reprise, 1992)

  1. If these bands had any sense, there would Nick Thinks quotes on the stickers on the front of their re-issues.

    “a heavy metal band playing at their aunties 8oth birthday party”


  2. This review makes me nostalgic. Good work!

  3. wow! i too find it very difficult to believe there’s people out there who don’t like this.
    even my parents must know it from the amount i used to play it…

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  5. i heard you talking to myself, everyones staring at me……….

  6. I’ve found footage of some of Nick Thinks’ contemporaries in action!:

  7. hell yeah! I’m liking your dad more and more, can i keep him?

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