The Jimmy Cake – Dublin Gone, Everybody Dead (Pilatus, 2002)


Nick: this has a kind of sort of occasionally eastern flavor… i think.

and I like it! apart from the overly repetitive bits, you know me and repetition, I know there are sometimes when there’s a reason for repetition, but here it just seems like they ran out of ideas so they repeat the same ones over and over till the song ends.

what do you call classical music these days, modern classical music.

serious music?

classical music.

yes but that’s a certain style.

it is but it’s also an umbrella term, no?

I guess.

well, if you took away the rhythmic elements of this it could be considered modern classical. it’s not ‘rock’ or ‘indie’

do they play live?

yep, going to see them on Saturday, first time in 4 years or so.

they’re unique too, I can’t think of anything else that comes close to sounding like this, is there?

some things, nothing *exactly* like it, sure.

have they ever made music for a movie?

I’m not sure.

well someone should ask them. it would have to be a certain type of movie, something atmospheric.

it’s nice to hear a completely instrumental band, I like the accordion, I remember the accordion.

it only shows you though doesn’t it?


if you were to describe their music to someone, they wouldn’t expect an accordion would they?

but it plays a very big part in the sound.

the only other thing I would criticize them for is….they have two ways of playing, it’s either dadadadindadadadindadadadin or else it’s very slow and experimental, now I understand that that is their ‘sound’ and how people recognize them but I just find it strange.

is it over? oh I’m a little disappointed that the eastern bits didn’t develop further.

The Jimmy Cake were really awesome back then, I have no idea if they still are, I guess I’ll find out on Saturday at One For The Road!



2 responses to “The Jimmy Cake – Dublin Gone, Everybody Dead (Pilatus, 2002)

  1. HA! This is lovely.

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